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 Shanking the Digital Emmys!

While we were still recovering from the wonderful party that was Shankaboot In The Hood, we received news that... wait for it... Shankaboot has been "officially nominated for the Digital Emmys"

It doesn't need a rocket scientist to understand that this is obviously a big big deal..  Being the rocket scientists that we are, though, and after complicated calculations and equations, we came to the conclusion that the Shankaboot equation is only complete with... you guessed it: Shankafans!

So another big big thank you from the bottom of Shankaboot's heart!

Keep your fingers crossed (all of them!)

Support Shankaboot!

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So on a beautiful Friday evening on February 11, Shankaboot celebrated TWO things in the hood!

While launching the fourth Season, we received news that something else was launched at the same time as well... And that was the launch of a New Egypt!

From the bottom of Shankaboot's heart, we thank Mayssa Jallad, Fahrass, Venus, Tina Fish, Saseen Kawzally and SOUKARA, Dareen, Hassan Awwad, Hussein Awwad, Mounif Maanouh, Mohammad Awayty, Mohammad Daher, Mahmoud Ghali, Ramcess L'Hamourabi, Zeineddine, Double A the Preacherman, (DJ) Jinane Chaaya, Beirut Visuals  for their dances, poems, raps, music, and wonderful energy...

Big Big thanks go out as well to Najah Taher and her team for sharing the wonderful Zaweya with us, and - last but not least - Joseph Azuri (aka Watan) for keeping the event alive and kicking (in the most lawful of terms)!

A big congrats goes out to our brothers and sisters in Egypt as well, for their determination and perseverance over these harsh few weeks.

And finally, here's a nice little reportage on Shankaboot, from the cool news people at LBC!

The official after party was @ The Speakeasy (Hamra)

Shankaboot would like to thank Nokia, 961 Beer, Protectron, Chateau Khoury  and The Speakeasy for their generous support.




The fourth season continues the Shankabootee tradition of tackling controversial social issues. Previous episodes have explored topics often overlooked by mainstream media such as foreign worker abuse, drug addiction, human trafficking and domestic violence. In Season Four, Suleiman, Ruwaida and their friends will confront the problems caused by gang culture, broken families and child exploitation.

Shankactive is a web-based platform aimed at showcasing multi-media projects inspired by Shankaboot. Over the past two months, young people from across the country have entered short films, photo essays, animations, music and blogs into a creative competition sponsored by Nokia. The three winners will be announced at the launch party and each will receive a state-of-the-art Nokia N8 mobile telephone.

Over the past nine months, “Shankaboot” has gone from strength to strength. The website attracts up to 2,000 hits a day whilst YouTube episodes have been viewed more than 400,000 times. “Shankaboot” currently has over 20,000 fans on Facebook and enjoys a strong following in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, US and France.

Shankaboot – Web Video Production Workshop

Dates: Sunday, 15 January 2011

Time: 11am - 6pmLocation:

Location: Batoota Films offices in Geitawi, Beirut.

For directions, please call:  70 - 586420 / 01 - 448475


Shankaboot’s one-day video production workshop aims to teach the participants the elements, procedures and general practice of making videos for the web. The methods used in the training are derived from the theories on producing documentaries, drama and the extensive experience of the trainers of the course.

The Theme:

“Tomorrow is your last day in Lebanon and you have 12 hours left. What would you do in that time, where would you go and what are the things in Lebanon that you will miss the most?  You can also reverse this and express what are the things in Lebanon you will not miss at all?"


Jan. 2011: Your Nokia is Now Shankable!

So after months and months of hard programming work by the cool people at Nokia and the cool people at Shankaboot, an amazing Shankaboot application has been created for your phones.

What's really cool about the application is that you can download ALL Shankaboot episodes from your phone. Not just watch them, but download them! Don't get any ideas though ;-)

To Download the Application click Here!

Oh! And Wishing whoever checks this page out a merry Shanking year to come! :)


Nov. 2010: Shankaboot Goes Back to School!

Shankaboot is setting off on its first series of school road shows this week with some of its crew and actors. The idea is to raise awareness amongst students of the power of social media and the tools for self-expression, which are readily available on the Internet. After a short presentation on shankaboot and social media, students will get the chance to see how new mobile phone technology can enable citizen journalists to record and edit short films, then upload them to YouTube. 

Press Pack (English)

Press Pack (Arabic)

From the links below you can download the Shankaboot guides to opening a blog and making online videos using your mobile phone. These are part of the Shankaboot roadshows which are encouraging students to express themselves through text, photography and video on the Internet.

Intro to blogging English       

Intro to blogging Arabic       

Intro to making videos English       

Intro to making videos Arabic

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Nov. 2010: Tous Ecrans, Tous Awards?

Shankaboot Director Amin Dora and Producer Katia Saleh are currently at the Tous Ecrans film festival in Geneva. Yes, Geneva is currently being shanked. The awards ceremony is on the FIFTH of November. We will be blogging about that!

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Oct. 2010: Shankabooting Dubai

Short entry here, just to let fellow shankabloggers know that Shankaboot will be showcased at the Dubai Film Festival, which is gonna be held from December 12 to December 19.

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Oct. 2010: Shanking the Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Shankaboot Project Manager Toni Oyry and Art Director Petra Abousleiman were at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. Toni, who blogged about it here, was "overwhelmed" with the "warm welcome" and "attention to detail." So our two Shankers participated in a panel, Going Viral: Creative Marketing in a Digital World. This was basically about how social media platforms are being used by people and businesses to "get their stories told," in the words of Paul Ramirez (Eventful) who made Paranormal Activity (remember that movie?) such a huge success.

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Oct. 2010: Shankaboot at the Abu Dhabi Circle Conference

Shankaboot's lovely producer Katia Saleh was at the Abu Dhabi Circle Conference last month. She was one of four panelists discussing how stories are being told through the small screen, in particular mobile, and the impact this has on the creator’s vision, and critically on business and monetisation models. This, by the way, was in October.

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Oct. 2010: Follow Shankaboot in Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Some of Shankaboot's team are in Doha at the moment for the Tribeca Film Festival. Namely Toni, our project manager and our lovely Petra, the art director. They will be talking about Shankaboot today in a panel that’s right up our alley: “Going Viral: Creative Marketing in a Digital World”. These are Toni's updates so far which you can also follow on the DFI blog More to follow after the panel......

"The trip from Beirut and the offices of Shankaboot can only be described as luxurious. Not that we expected anything less, but we have been overwhelmed with the warm welcome and attention to detail.

Next stop, meeting with the chair of our panel and the other panellists. We’re taking part in a panel that’s right up our alley: “Going Viral: Creative Marketing in a Digital World” on Friday, 29 October at 11 a.m. where we will be telling everyone about how we’ve used guerilla marketing in the streets of Beirut as well as the latest Online tools to become the coolest thing in Lebanon and across the region.

This is going to be exciting. We’re having a fantastic line up in tomorrow’s panel discussion and the facilities are spot on. Shankaboot will be a somewhat “wild card” on this one as we are the only web series featured in the panel and I think in the whole festival, but having said that, we are all looking to engage our audiences in a similar manner. The only difference is that whereas these guys are trying to drive people towards their Online content and ultimately from the Internet to the box office, we are also trying to drive people from the streets of Beirut to the Internet".

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Jun. 2010: Get your Shankaboot T-shirt now from Luanatic on Monot Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut.

Tel: 00961 1 203 825



Check out our available designs:





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Jun. 2010: Shankaboot Archewallogy (Beirut/NTSC: 01/07/10)

I guess I am the only blogger worth his salt who so far did not blog about Shankaboot but then I had nothing to add to everything that was being said I suppose. Yesterday however I had the perfect angle - what is Shankaboot meets archewallogy? Well, the result is obvious - four images of a kind - each taken on a different wall depicting the famous shankaboot. Only the delivery boy is missing!

(Courtesy of Tarek Chemaly)

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Jun. 2010: This is Shankaboot - Luna Park, Beirut 12/06/2010

The  “This is Shankaboot” launch concert featured a cutting-edge line-up of independent Lebanese musicians: Rayess Bek, Tania Saleh, Zeid Hamdan and the Wings, Mudbone, Lazzy Lung, Scarface and Jade and Diamond Setter.

The event celebrated the official launch of Shankaboot and was attended by nearly 1,000 people. The highlights of the evening included video projections against the eclectic backdrop of the Luna Park and on-stage appearances by the stars of Shankaboot.

A big shank you to everyone who took part in the event!!!

More pictures

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