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Gone Tanning for the Summer



The 15 year old hero of Shankaboot. The Delivery King of Beirut - he can get you anything, anytime, anywhere. His prized possession is his distinctive moped


The 19 year old runaway. Fleeing a life of abuse and repression she dreams of freedom and becoming a star. How will she cope with life on the streets?


Chadi is a bit older than Suleiman but he's his closest friend, His past is dark and ambiguous, his future is not planned, but he's true and faithful, and would do anything for a friend. He's handsome as well.


The old lady of the village, with eyes and ears out for everything. Sharper than she looks she has tended to her little store all her life, and has raised Yara from a baby. Teta loves a joke and may look like a harmless old grandmother but underneath she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it... From the moment Sulieman steps into her shop she sees an opportunity. We do not bet against her getting what she wants, because only a fool bets against Teta!


Strong, capable and brave, a real Beka3i girl - she knows her way around the fields as well as she knows her way around her grandmother's store and temper. She can also recognise a pig when she sees one, both the ones on four legs and the ones on two legs, and there's no shortage of either in the village she comes from. From the moment Yara meets Sulieman she knows he's a kindred spirit - she immediately becomes 100% Shankabootee!


Don't be fooled by his baby face. Firas lost his mother in suspicious circumstances and was raised by the man who as good as murdered her. It’s a case of the student becoming the master – and Firas is turning out to be a real thorn in Suleiman's side. Can Suleiman bring him back from the brink.... or is it already too late for Firas?


Badr has not made anyone's life easy, as Suleiman, Chadi and Firas can testify. Now that he's in jail for Chadi's murder, our hero can breathe a sigh of relief. But watch out: even in jail, Badr has long arms as well as allies in the unlikeliest of places.


Poor Doulica. She could be a statistic in Lebanon's shameful history of foreign domestic workers. Trapped and abused, the only light in her life is the little boy she takes care of. But her cousin, Monica, has found her a knight on a shining moped. Can Suleiman save Doulica before the family notices she's gone?


Lina isn’t exactly Suleiman’s easiest customer. The secretive girl behind the horn-rimmed glasses gets her kicks from a virtual world which reality can never match up to. Whether she’s building a rocket or hacking into the Central Bank is anyone’s guess. But one thing we do know is that she holds a vital clue to Suleiman’s murky past.


Despite his angelic appearance, Rommel is every bit as cunning as his better-known namesake. Whilst his dad hankers after the glory days of the Lebanese Civil War, Rommel is locked in mortal combat with Beirut's top gamers and ganks. The Kalashnikov Kid is a force to be reckoned with but how will he fare when he comes face to face with Shankaboot's resident evil, the fiendish Firas?