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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Waheed El booz & the rights of Children

The Building Is falling, A kid is left alone on the stairs! No one to help but Waheed El Booz!

Uploaded on Mar 19, 2010

  • 3an jad offffffffffffff shu hal shi el akhoooooooo......... bravo ma kint mitkhayleh shi haik b libnein momkin yotla3

    Posted: 11:12 PM | Jun 08 2010
  • This guy is annoying. Really.. annoying. I'm sorry guys. I appreciate all the hard work but he's NOT funny. Shankaboot on the other hand is pure brilliance.

    Posted: 2:44 PM | May 27 2010
  • akho man.....thank u this is Hilarius ,,hahaha..all the best ..

    Posted: 2:32 PM | May 27 2010
  • I like how you can see the guy holding the mannequin :P

    Posted: 2:16 PM | May 27 2010
  • hilarious stuff Waheed!!!

    Posted: 2:51 PM | May 27 2010
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