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Mme Najem has a piece of advice for Lebanese women

What do you think Mme Najem has to say?

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Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010

  • beautiful Mme Najem...she can do what she wants

    Posted: 2:39 AM | Nov 15 2010
  • @9:41 14 nov what do you mean by lies?

    Posted: 11:12 PM | Nov 14 2010
  • full of lies.....

    Posted: 10:41 PM | Nov 14 2010
  • thank u so much for raising this issue here! it is rarely talked about and something should be seriously done to prevent such bitches do this...this is beyond descrition...and its sadly not exagerated..

    Posted: 11:03 PM | Nov 13 2010
  • mmm i didnt undrstand wat is Shankaboot but i saw the photos in the facebook and i like it :) so gd job

    Posted: 11:38 PM | Nov 13 2010
  • so cooooooooool shankaboot

    Posted: 2:31 AM | Nov 13 2010
  • I applaud Shankaboot for raising such a significant issue we Lebanese insist on denying.. Right down our throats and face!! It's time to face the fact and acknowledge that there are hundreds of cases (if not thousands) of inhumane treatment to those people we bring from abroad to clean our sh**, then go on to treat them as such... BEH'YAT ALLAH... Please people, tell me there's something oh so wrong?? And to those who feel they've been insulted and that it ruins our "Lebanese" reputation, I invite you to come in the land of REALITYYY....HELLOO...Is anyone out there?? Job well done Shankaboot...Now please give us some more!! ns

    Posted: 12:49 AM | Nov 13 2010
  • Oh, please shut her up!!

    Posted: 12:08 AM | Nov 13 2010
  • all what the guys trying to do is to highlight the issues pulling this country backwards...just cool it down on your nationalistic and patriotic views about Lebanon...face it

    Posted: 10:06 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • shankaboot awesomeness what? showing Lebanon as a racist country? lebanese stupid and made up? drug addicts?

    Posted: 7:53 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • Shankaboot=awesomeness

    Posted: 6:17 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • Not just the whole country is having it... but they all look the same! They all have the same nose with the same fake lips. She is telling them how to botox themselves and dye their hair blonde so that they all look alike!

    Posted: 5:49 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • She will tell lebanese woman how to get plastic surgery and redo their nose... because why not? the whole country is having it! Ridiculous!

    Posted: 5:42 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • She will tell Lebanese woman: 1-how to dress up 2-how to consume more TV- 3-BUY NEW MAKEUP 4-what dog is in fashion 5-the newest way to get rid of their maids looking forward for that shankabooooooooot

    Posted: 4:40 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • no my dear Rajem is much worst than that...but whoever did this comment did not mean it that bad....

    Posted: 3:18 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • to : 8:46 AM | Nov 12 2010 Alrajem is equivalent to racism. Punishment in general needs to be re-thought, and to do that you might as well put yourself in the position.

    Posted: 2:09 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • stoned to death is no way a method of person, a woman or a man....should be punished by it...I know no men who were stoned...its always women in backward societies and under the excuse of religion... Mmme Najem is an ignorant racist woman, yes we should look on the circumstances that made her to be such a woman! It's not one person's issue here...its a whole society....but no way to stone her!

    Posted: 1:02 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • What you have to say sounds blonder than your hair -

    Posted: 1:24 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • i think she is going to ask women to be aware of their maids, because in her opinion giving them space will spoil hell with mme najem actually mme najem btestahel alrajem

    Posted: 9:46 AM | Nov 12 2010
  • What kind of advice someone like her can say? will she tell Blond women like her to suffocate their maids?

    Posted: 2:38 AM | Nov 12 2010
  • it's "hiyyeh enno y7otto sabe3 taba2at 7omra fo2 ba3ed. 2arb3a w khamseh mish ra7 ykaffo"

    Posted: 1:29 AM | Nov 12 2010
  • I heard enough from her...maybe she should shut it now

    Posted: 12:28 AM | Nov 12 2010
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