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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Teta At The Airport

Teta is left alone after Yara has left, In the airport she speaks out as a responsible and generous grandmother and as the funny Teta we know.

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Uploaded on Nov 25, 2010

  • HAHAHAHAH ! teta is so funnyy i love herr

    Posted: 3:05 AM | Nov 28 2010
  • So what is the "fortunate" way of thinking? and why do you think this way is not good!!?

    Posted: 1:49 AM | Nov 27 2010
  • Teta is brilliant...

    Posted: 12:02 PM | Nov 26 2010
  • what can we do in a place where there is no "mawed awaleyeh"?

    Posted: 7:11 PM | Nov 25 2010
  • I love Teta!! She's so funny! That's the best episode ever!!

    Posted: 6:55 PM | Nov 25 2010
  • its unfortunate the way we think: "go study - make a career - earn money and then come back to Lebanon" this is not a healthy way of thinking

    Posted: 5:18 PM | Nov 25 2010
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