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Inside Shankaboot - Suleiman Shoots the Breeze

Suleiman usually keeps his cards close to his chest but, this time, we caught him in a reflective mood. He opens up about Yara, Ruwaida, Lebanon and his problems as a delivery boy. There's a shocking revelation in his parting shot.

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Uploaded on Dec 08, 2010

  • sooooooooooooo nice

    Posted: 11:54 AM | Dec 11 2010
  • concerning how we are treated abroad actually it depends on wich country ur living in. and "canada" is not really an example to compare to because canada is based on immigrants even its whole economy is based on immigrant since 1950. if u enter a bus in montreal u cant find 2 people next to each other that are from the same race. but if you compare it to european countries like france or germany... specially in the villages .. there u can find a lot of people who are not well treated .

    Posted: 10:10 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • The story of Abdel Nasser is true, but somehow the media didnt cover it, only Alakhbar newspaper spoke about it...such things could been happening all the time but no one knows...there are more important things happening, wikileaks, war and international tribunal....this is a great move you did Shankaboot there...these are the things you should focus on.....people have the right to get their news from somewhere that has nothing to do with the main media channels and their shit propaganda.

    Posted: 4:35 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • sa7ee7 hayda el waaki3 thats true all guys said that like what suleiman said this is lebanon wish to be better than that . fee 7alet fo2or kteer b lebnen kirmel heik sar fee za3ranet w ... fa bnitmanna inno nseer mtl el gharb bil i7tiram lal awenin w lal bashariyye kamen.

    Posted: 3:25 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • To the person who commented below me that Suleiman is ignorant about how Arabs are treated abroad: I am lebanese and a few years ago i moved to Canada and lived completely alone. I have absolutely no family or friends in Canada but i moved there to study. l7amdillah i didn't face any problems at all. i have made friends from all over the world, from all races and cultures and backgrounds. Unlike Arabs, westerners don't care what religion you are, or what background u are from or so on. They are friendly and more than happy to help you, AS LONG AS YOU ARE OPEN MINDED AND DON'T JUDGE THEM FOR THEIR RELIGION OR THE WAY THEY DRESS OR HOW THEY ACT OR THEIR CULTURE.... Arabs should learn to live and let live.

    Posted: 12:53 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • is the story of the police shooting a delivery boy true? Its very serious! I wonder how the government dealt with it?

    Posted: 2:45 AM | Dec 10 2010
  • Suleiman is absolutely ignorant about how we are treated outside our Native countries... no one to look after you when you are abroad especially if you are an Arab

    Posted: 1:31 AM | Dec 10 2010
  • so nice

    Posted: 5:30 PM | Dec 09 2010
  • soooooooooo nice

    Posted: 5:04 PM | Dec 09 2010
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