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Inside Shankaboot - The Black Saturday

The Black Saturday did not leave anyone behind even some Bulgarians.

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Uploaded on Dec 15, 2010

  • @8:08 what is it you didnt understand? he's just a funny man fed up from Lebanon and the war... he is Bulgarian though...or maybe Armenian

    Posted: 12:53 AM | Dec 21 2010
  • No one told him to come to Lebanon on the first place!! he's not funny...maybe in Bulgaria he is!

    Posted: 11:50 PM | Dec 19 2010
  • Ma fhemet chi!

    Posted: 9:08 PM | Dec 17 2010
  • Is he really Bulgarian??? didn't know that there are Bulgarians in Lebanon!!

    Posted: 3:03 PM | Dec 17 2010
  • A small little episode that says a lot about Lebanon and immigration in this country!please world Leave us the Lebanese alone, there are enough lebanese restaurants in the world.

    Posted: 2:50 PM | Dec 17 2010
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