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A Domestic Worker in Lebanon

After madam Najem polished the image of Lebanon with her views on domestic workers, It time now for Doulica to speak out. For subtitles, click the UP arrow on the bottom right corner and then click on CC.

Uploaded on Jan 05, 2011

  • Just to respond to the Oh poor Srilankan comments.... Hello I am Alex and I live in Quebec, Canada .Just to let you know that everybody outside Lebanon knows that many domestic workers are mistreated in Lebanon. Many commit suicide .What a shame for Lebanon! .Let' s hope that courageous Minister Boutros Harb will regulate their work with his new law and that employers in Lebanon start treating them as human beings!Even if they are making more money than in their respective countries that are very poor they should be treated with respect and dignity One day will come when bad employers will be punished by law in Lebanon as they say in Arabic Elak yom ya zalem.....

    Posted: 5:31 PM | Mar 01 2011
  • Oh poor Srilankis...just go back and save yourselves if you're that bothered in Lebanon...and you dear shankaboot stop damaging the image of Lebanon. thank you

    Posted: 1:51 AM | Jan 25 2011
  • Ohh poor Sri Lankis...Enough Shankaboot pple of damaging the reputation of Lebanon...

    Posted: 1:57 AM | Jan 25 2011
  • Hello, I´m Dunia and I live in Brazil. I started watching Shankaboot this week and I´m enjoying it kteer! So, congratulations to you all, it´s very creative, for sure...I´d like to know how Lebanese people feel about Shankaboot, if it´s well seen or, instead, considered too advanced for the country in terms of narrative, as there are drugs and violence involved. About the maids in Lebanon I always wondered if there is any kind of work regulation like we have here in Brazil...apparently there isn´t. Thanks and mabrouk again!

    Posted: 12:34 AM | Jan 08 2011
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