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Where is The Cock?

One of Beirut's parking men speaks about health care system, Vets and cocks in Lebanon.
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Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011

  • you just know how to capture the real life of street people...

    Posted: 1:26 AM | Jan 25 2011
  • Greetings from Stanford University where I have been teaching Arabic Language and Literature for 12 years. You guys are amazing and my students and I love the fact that your videos come with English subtitles. I also have a radio show on KZSU 90.1 here in California and will be sure to mention you. I am following you on twitter and Facebook and please feel free to do the same. On Twitter I am author30 and on Facebook Ramzi Salti. I have added links to your videos on my blog, located at Keep up the good work! Ramzi Salti, Ph.D. Lecturer, Arabic Language & Literature ACTFL Oral & Written Proficiency Tester of Arabic African & Middle Eastern Langs & Lits Stanford Language Center Stanford University Building 240-212 Stanford, CA 94305

    Posted: 2:50 AM | Jan 20 2011
  • Authentic as usual, these little interviews really add to the feeling that Shankaboot is all real.

    Posted: 5:10 PM | Jan 13 2011
  • WE NEED EPISODE 34 !!!

    Posted: 5:56 PM | Jan 13 2011
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