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Jack The Ripper

Dr. Jack a Lebanese plastic surgeon speaks about women, beauty and architecture. 

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Uploaded on Mar 11, 2011

  • An amazing take on the increasing market of plastic surgery in Lebanon.

    Posted: 4:52 AM | Mar 21 2011
  • @1:16 what are you talking about? and you're proud of it???

    Posted: 2:06 PM | Mar 15 2011
  • I do not understand all these attacks on people that do plastic surgery, I had few surgeries done and it changed my life, it gave me confidence that I never had in my life! I don't see the aim of this video. Are you making fun of beauty? plastic surgeries are something common now in the world not in Lebanon.

    Posted: 2:16 PM | Mar 15 2011
  • I know that the character is a bit exaggerated, but unfortunately thats how people think of plastic surgeries and its importance in Lebanon.

    Posted: 11:27 PM | Mar 14 2011
  • hahaha 7abit hayda el doctor ktir , w e5ir el shi kin 3am yi7ki sa7 ..

    Posted: 12:15 AM | Mar 12 2011
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