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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Prison, A secretary And a Mobile Phone

Badr is in prison, he seems to be doing well, he speaks about prisons, its divisions, other prisoners and guards.

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Uploaded on Apr 08, 2011

  • thxs alot

    Posted: 8:40 PM | Apr 26 2011
  • 2alla yesle7 hal balad w yfaye2 ha nas mn nawma lesa ma 5olset l7kaye b3ed fe 2ela takmele tal ma fe mared ktr kber tol3 mn fanos mano se7re mn fanous sana3o lnsan be 2edo ra7 ydal hal mared yekbar w yekbar w abdal ma ye5dom lsha3eb ra7 yakelon fa really alla yesla7 hal balad w nas 2bl lbalad l2no 2sa lnas ma we3yet w fehmet ra7 nerg3 2ktr la wara 2alla yestor ma nser bl 3aser l7agare looolll

    Posted: 8:00 PM | Apr 26 2011
  • Thank you for being more courageous in your videos.

    Posted: 1:56 PM | Apr 21 2011
  • keef balad 3am be falleton men el 7abes? LOL bel 3aks yaaaaa...!! 2osset sijin Roumieh 3an sho kenit laken!? LA2ENNON MA 3AM BE TALL3O 7ADA W YI7IKMO 7ADA. 2oul halla2 mishi el 7al, bas ya 3atra 3a hal 3alam le be zitto 7aki zatt

    Posted: 11:50 PM | Apr 19 2011
  • shu bado ye7ke wy3ali' lwa7ad 3a hek amen w7abess...balad felten 3m bikharej mejermin menel 7abess..!!!so shame

    Posted: 2:42 PM | Apr 19 2011
  • This is applicable in lots of countries, and not only in Lebanon. you could buy your way through, as long as you have "what it takes." Cool episode.

    Posted: 8:27 PM | Apr 13 2011
  • 100% right

    Posted: 4:00 PM | Apr 13 2011
  • very nice 7abbet badal l esla7 tekhreeb w badal jen7a jeneye :D

    Posted: 2:30 PM | Apr 12 2011
  • very nice i like it

    Posted: 11:45 PM | Apr 11 2011
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