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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Hearts of Darkness?

Firas may have crossed over to the dark side but his gun-toting sidekicks seem to be getting cold feet. And Rommel may look as if he's on the ropes but he certainly hasn't lost his bottle.

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Uploaded on May 09, 2011

  • love it.. really..!!!!

    Posted: 12:07 AM | May 21 2011
  • salut c est simon bassil,badde 2es2alkoun iza fikoun ta3mlo chi 3an l chabeb li 3am bi hejro min hal balad,why we are going out of this country or why this delivery man want to go out of this country,it s simple because he can t even buy a house,or bi sir baddo ydal 3and bet 2emmo kel hayeto,and also if you can talk more about tourism indirectly ya3ne ..of course you re talking about lebanon so you re helping the tourism bas if you can do more in the touristic point,i dunno like talking about shankaboot and the tourists ..w ba3den kel l 2osas fiya tfout bi ba3da like the other stories you want to talk about ,i mean you can play on this issue i think .if you can talk about how the state if there s a state doesnt give a shit about the young men , thats why everyone is going out . fikoun kamen tehko 3al daweyir el rasmiye how they take money on anything if we want to do any paper for someone,not only the daweyir el rasmiye but also el mokhtar 5000 for every ekhraj 2ed for example in some places , and many other issues 3a hal nasa2.and also i m interested on talking about the old people in lebanon how they are treated and how some of them are on the street , akid in funny crying ...

    Posted: 9:24 PM | May 11 2011
  • amazing , as usual ...

    Posted: 12:26 AM | May 11 2011
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