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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Wheels of Fortune

When Lina finds herself unexpectedly homeless, Shankaboot rises majestically to the challenge. Meanwhile, Rommel takes a leaf out of Suleiman's book and delivers a diminutive damsel from distress. Under the glare of the studio lights, Ruwaida is poised to make her TV debut.

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Uploaded on May 16, 2011

  • I like, I like, I Like, I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like,I like, I like, I Like.

    Posted: 5:05 PM | May 26 2011
  • I'm Egyptian and I never thought I'd be watching a Lebanese series, I never even thought of it, but that show is brilliant, I am so much into it and I can't always wait for the next episode, Well done guys, it's the best web series I've ever ever and will ever see.

    Posted: 10:38 PM | May 23 2011
  • ra2e3

    Posted: 11:36 PM | May 19 2011
  • 3anjad kteer 7alow

    Posted: 9:48 PM | May 18 2011
  • Berabkom hala2 Ana bade 23od naterkom la may 24

    Posted: 5:40 PM | May 18 2011
  • How can a young girl move like that to someone elses home!! She doesn't even know them! What's this silly law anyway???

    Posted: 11:27 AM | May 18 2011
  • 2entaj ra2e3 w2areb min el2alb wyaret el2entej bikun 2ad5am la2enno byestehal

    Posted: 7:02 PM | May 17 2011
  • Shi kteer 7ilo gr8 job , 2iza badkon 7adan ymasil fi :P

    Posted: 3:03 PM | May 17 2011
  • hek 2iza toli3 3ablekon 7adan ymasil jdeed :P kteer 7ilo always waiting the next episode gr8 job

    Posted: 1:05 PM | May 17 2011
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