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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Star is Born

Now firmly installed in Teta's flat, Lina is feeling well outside her comfort zone. Ruwaida, however, is exactly where she's always wanted to be: basking in the media spotlight. But this wouldn't be Shankaboot, if trouble weren't just around the corner.

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Uploaded on May 23, 2011

  • light episode... good... but i would like to know more about demoiselle "ORTANZE" the teachers of ROUMEL ... if there is any near casting plz informe us :)

    Posted: 5:04 PM | May 29 2011
  • i love teta!!!!!!!!!! reminds me of my own who is in leb :)

    Posted: 5:38 PM | May 28 2011
  • i love teta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: 5:09 PM | May 28 2011
  • super serie le talent est au liban au college ici au quebec on etais une dizaine de libanais et on a fais de quoi de similaire lachez pas long live libanese talent bravo bravo bravo

    Posted: 2:03 AM | May 26 2011
  • eno 7j t7are2sona w 7oto shi 30 minute aw shi hek.... eno ra7 jen bs 5 min kel esbo3 eno t3la2et fe wloooo ..... :'( wahhh

    Posted: 7:39 AM | May 25 2011
  • It's just getting better and better!!!

    Posted: 9:48 AM | May 24 2011
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