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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Generation Gap

Living with Teta is no bed of roses, as Lina is starting to discover. Her heart-to-heart with Suleiman throws up another mystery: who is the romantic interest in her life? In other developments, Teta finds herself wrong-footed by technology whilst Anastasia is forced to think on her feet.

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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011

  • the music is ACE! in all the episodes i mean..

    Posted: 8:08 AM | Jun 25 2011
  • My mind has not been positively fed via internet this much. Your videos are an absolute marvel. The set, the actors, the quality, the passion, just seems perfect, is perfect. God bless you for this wonderful project. I wish you all the best and that your message is truly reaching the blind and deaf out there.

    Posted: 3:59 PM | Jun 15 2011
  • hahaha.... shu ken 3am bi farjiya l 2az3ar lal bnt ;P ... hahaha, jk, bs seriously, 7ebib 2a3rif.... Rommel SALBE!! :) P.S.: I LOVE SHANKABOOT!!! :D

    Posted: 2:27 PM | Jun 15 2011
  • i feel that i am the shankaboot myself ..but he keeps being positive although his life is shit ! no future , no past , no good present , what worse than that could happen . i keep wondering why he is so ignorant ? why he can't find a way to live a better life ? why can't he find a better job ? what future is behind a delivery boy ? he is wasting his life his youth in nothing but bullshit .. and the funny thing that he is so satisfied he sound like he don't care about " material" things , but about " spiritual " things like : love and family and friends .. well this is just sad because in this world you have to choose one of the two .. i am waiting for the next episode please don't make me wait and make it more than 5 minutes !

    Posted: 4:25 AM | Jun 15 2011
  • SHI RA2E3 WALLLAHHH!!!!!!! :)

    Posted: 9:35 AM | Jun 14 2011
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