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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Blast from the Past

Teta takes a quantum leap into the 21st Century when she finally overcomes her technophobia and skypes Yara in Brazil. Anastasia may be more comfortable with computer software but she doesn’t like to be beaten either. Rommel presses the wrong button and provokes an explosive reaction.

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Uploaded on Jun 20, 2011

  • Totally agree with everyone else , the episodes are short. Apart from being too short, great job guys.

    Posted: 3:04 PM | Jun 27 2011
  • The episodes are really too short, it lowers the motivation to keep on waiting for the next ones! If you could make episodes of at least 15 min it would be a good start!

    Posted: 11:46 AM | Jun 27 2011
  • wonderful series, but I am losing interest cause episodes are too short. I think I will wait for the DVD.

    Posted: 6:13 PM | Jun 25 2011
  • its such an amazing series,but the episoides are too short thats boring...

    Posted: 5:06 AM | Jun 24 2011
  • its nice but too short....

    Posted: 5:41 AM | Jun 24 2011

    Posted: 9:45 PM | Jun 23 2011
  • please bring back yara. she's so full of life, funny, pretty and smart. she's exceptional!

    Posted: 10:43 PM | Jun 22 2011
  • it"getting little to short,i am starting to get board.

    Posted: 2:21 PM | Jun 22 2011
  • lak lahhhhhhh, rij3it yara, lak rij3it Yara!

    Posted: 11:46 AM | Jun 22 2011
  • the idea that a young boy control a gang and have a criminal mind is weak .it is bringing this nice thing down .

    Posted: 6:14 PM | Jun 21 2011

    Posted: 6:04 PM | Jun 21 2011
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