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Gone Tanning for the Summer



Can Rommel retrieve the weapons before they fall into the wrong hands? Will Firas finally get to avenge his dead mother or is Badr untouchable? Can Mlle Hortance raise the alarm in time or will M de la Tulipe be caught with his trousers down? Click 'play' and all will be revealed.

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Uploaded on Jul 04, 2011

  • genial! :)

    Posted: 4:11 AM | Jul 11 2011
  • (Y)

    Posted: 11:12 PM | Jul 07 2011
  • Just as good as the actors were those working behind the scenes with the editing,This story, complete with the Oscar winning performances in both acting and editing is perfect for those in need of a dose of goodness. I Myself am a 3D Animator and VFX Supervisor i seen lot of movies and serie in Lebanon but none of them were good enough to compete with international movies but this particular mini series of Shankaboot Its a MASTERPIECE and i know its Great Enough To Compete & Win! Fascinating!

    Posted: 10:53 AM | Jul 07 2011
  • to short starting to get on my nerve

    Posted: 4:10 AM | Jul 07 2011
  • This is getting addictive :)

    Posted: 2:21 PM | Jul 06 2011
  • wow more and more and more and more don't stop wow the best

    Posted: 5:33 AM | Jul 06 2011
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