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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Déjà Vu

Ruwaida's come a long way since that fateful afternoon when Suleiman swept her off her feet. The school of hard knocks has given her an inner strength and, as the cameras roll, she seizes the chance to strike a blow for women's rights. Meanwhile, the King of Delivery is once again on a collision course with fate.  

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Uploaded on Jul 11, 2011

  • ta5anntowa hek.. ur losing viewers, YALLAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    Posted: 11:46 PM | May 04 2012
  • where is the 53 episode ?? we're still waiting !!!!!!!!

    Posted: 7:58 PM | Dec 28 2011
  • it's raining in more tanning!!

    Posted: 2:24 PM | Sep 23 2011
  • KHALAAASSSSS tanning!!! I live in Ghana so no action here at all and im bored and i miss shankaboot a lot :(

    Posted: 10:13 PM | Sep 22 2011
  • still tanning?!

    Posted: 1:26 AM | Sep 14 2011
  • enough tanning !!!!!!

    Posted: 9:50 PM | Sep 01 2011
  • yala episode?!

    Posted: 3:30 AM | Aug 21 2011
  • it sucks

    Posted: 1:54 AM | Jul 26 2011
  • OMG the best lebanese series EVER love it and ADDICTED to it shankoot is such a cutie, watched all the episodes on youtube from AUSTRALIA.... we want more PLEASE :) great job guys..

    Posted: 8:23 AM | Jul 25 2011
  • AfuckinMAZING man....I love it Please guys don't worry about the comments above...I love this reminded me of the early start of shankaboot... Finally a positive happy natural very sweet episode to watch... We don't need guns and violance all the time...seriously i was getting sick of it I love you guys I love your dissolves Amin Dora I love your acting Lida Charaf Well DONE everyone!

    Posted: 9:01 PM | Jul 24 2011
  • i think u should stop making more episodes, just to keep your good image in our head

    Posted: 10:57 AM | Jul 23 2011
  • gone tanning for the summer? use a spray tan and get your butts back to work, i need those episodes!

    Posted: 6:01 PM | Jul 19 2011
  • great episode!!

    Posted: 1:06 PM | Jul 19 2011
  • Dear Mr. Shankaboot, i have a proposal to take the Shank fever to the next level. please get in touch with me on for more details... p.s irresponsible ignorance is a temporary blessing, nothing long term about it, INBOX ME!!!

    Posted: 12:07 PM | Jul 16 2011
  • nothing special abt the last episode..and its taking alot of time for one episode to come out :(

    Posted: 3:35 PM | Jul 15 2011
  • بايخة

    Posted: 11:40 PM | Jul 14 2011
  • we need more action!!!

    Posted: 6:44 PM | Jul 12 2011
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