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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Desert Fox

Introducing Rommel, the trigger-happy son of the war-mongering security guard. Guess who gets the unenviable task of minding this enfant terrible for the afternoon? In another part of town, Firas is busy hatching his latest plot.

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Uploaded on Feb 21, 2011

  • Try clicking on "360P" and changing it, if that doesn't work, then update your flash! :)

    Posted: 12:42 PM | Mar 02 2011
  • Hello Guys, When trying to watch the episode 36, I m getting an error : "An error Occurred, Please try again" ANy suggestion ???

    Posted: 6:00 PM | Mar 01 2011
  • aba eba aba obo aba tamtam ya3ni tamam tamam balash el-le3ib ye7lao lanshof sho ra7 ysear basita sleiman wola yhemak inti 2abadaai

    Posted: 7:15 AM | Feb 27 2011
  • nice :)

    Posted: 2:42 AM | Feb 25 2011
  • To short and to long time to wait in between every episode.. there are people who don't have the superpower "patience".. :S .. but great job, double thumps up..

    Posted: 10:14 PM | Feb 23 2011
  • 7elweeh kteeeeer ...

    Posted: 6:08 PM | Feb 22 2011
  • hey shnakaboot is the best web siries , nd we can make it more than this by creatin an app on blackberry :) so keep it up guyz best wishes hadi dadi (lebanon)

    Posted: 5:29 PM | Feb 22 2011
  • Really your episodes are way toooooooooooo Short.

    Posted: 5:58 PM | Feb 22 2011
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