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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Shape of Things to Come

With Rommel in the clutches of the scooter gang and Lina still keeping a low profile, Suleiman is really running on empty. The plastic surgeon, however, finds Ruwaida something of a handful. Will she ever be able to stomach a career in the TV industry?

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Uploaded on Mar 07, 2011


    Posted: 11:45 PM | Mar 13 2011
  • plz iza fi casting la shankaboot ... plzz send us msgs on our e-mails :)

    Posted: 7:17 AM | Mar 13 2011
  • el 7al2a ktir 7lweh .. w ka2ano 3am ne7dar reality tv ... michen hek neje7 w ma7boub ... knt b7eb enno es2al 3an el shankaboot cho met3allam ? w lech mch 3am yedros ? w 7elo eno nchoof kif kenet 3elto w ahlo lal shankaboot .. :) !! ...

    Posted: 7:54 AM | Mar 13 2011
  • i love a job in the film like shankaboot

    Posted: 11:15 AM | Mar 11 2011
  • thank you for making the episodes a little bit longer

    Posted: 2:58 PM | Mar 10 2011
  • I got hook'd TSHANKABNA!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: 2:09 PM | Mar 10 2011
  • 2idmen !!! EVERYTHING is perfect. shankabit 3al shankaboot.

    Posted: 2:48 PM | Mar 10 2011
  • l doc haida!!! ma 7abbayto :( coz the girl is perfect..... eza 3am e7dar shankaboot kermel hal girl :P 7abbet l 7al2a! w waiting the next one akiiiid

    Posted: 6:57 PM | Mar 09 2011
  • great work guys what you are doing.don"t stop and proceed you are showing the real lebaneese way of life.this is a documentary to be watched even after 100 years from now !! felecitation !!

    Posted: 2:59 PM | Mar 09 2011
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