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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Ruwaida’s Big Bust-up

Feeling mauled by her encounter with Dr Jack, Ruwaida looks to Teta for moral support. Will she give the TV moguls a piece of her mind or will they get their pound of flesh? Suleiman finally catches up with Lina and they grapple with a few home truths.

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Uploaded on Mar 14, 2011

  • Min 7a ya3mel el deliveryy??? :O

    Posted: 5:39 AM | Mar 22 2011
  • Ruweida is beautiful ... she is perfect ... i saw her in "TALK OF THE TOWN" on MTV she was amazing .. plz try to add to your show some youth problems that we may face in universities and in finding the right career that satisfy our ambition! thank u for the show ..

    Posted: 8:37 PM | Mar 20 2011
  • I really like this show ,I love all the episodes ,Keep it up guys!

    Posted: 9:19 PM | Mar 17 2011
  • RA2i3 Ra2i3 Ra2i3... sarle chi 3 se3at 3am behdaro fallaito men awalo la ekhrooo... Ahla series lebnenyyeh w mech lebneniie.. bass sar lezim thettoua aktar men marra wehde bel jem3a... plzzzzzzz...

    Posted: 3:06 PM | Mar 17 2011
  • I think this work already scored high in the lebanese drama production. Just keep it real guys and you will do just fine.

    Posted: 7:35 AM | Mar 17 2011
  • *ADDICTED...

    Posted: 6:53 AM | Mar 17 2011
  • Can't wait for episode 40, i am so worried about roumel. Addecited to Shankaboot

    Posted: 6:48 AM | Mar 17 2011
  • Watching TV in Lebanon proves that this industry is ran by a bunch of perverts!! it's a shame but its true!

    Posted: 7:04 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • نعم صحيح والبنك هو "فرست ناشونال بنك" first national bank

    Posted: 6:56 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • omg this series is wonderful , amazing and outstanding :D

    Posted: 6:34 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • السبب الوحيد إنو البرازيل طلعت قبل لبنان هو لأنو في لبنانيين هناك أكثر من لبنان. خلينا نواجه الموضوع،شعب سطحي!!!!! لبنان، البلد الذي يحتل المرتبة الثانية في العالم بعد البرازيل، بالنسبة إلى عدد سكانه في عدد الجراحات التجميلية التي تجرى فيه!

    Posted: 6:31 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • OMG Check this video out SICK!!! PLASTIC SURGERY GONE BAD

    Posted: 5:00 PM | Mar 16 2011

    Posted: 5:00 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • قال شخص على صفحة الفيس بوك لشنكبوت أنه يمكن لآي شخص أن يحصل على قرض من البنك في لبنان لجراحة التجميل، هذا صحيح؟

    Posted: 3:16 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • Needs fixing to be on TV? how about we have 'normal' looking people on TV. Seriously they make them look UGLY with the Shafet and the Sha2el and the Nafekh!!! Im really sick of this myself. People are always telling me I should fix things. My nose needs to be smaller (even a proper Otolaryngologist told me this when i went for breathing problems, my thighs could use a bit of shafet...etc etc...and have you heard about the new laser treatment? 7illo 3aniii!!! I have better things to spend my money on!!

    Posted: 1:16 PM | Mar 16 2011
  • Samira Kawas known as Ruweida is a very good actress, I love the way she confronts the TV producer, we all do !

    Posted: 7:03 AM | Mar 16 2011
  • nice episode.. i wish we didnt have to wait a lot for the next episode... keep it up :)

    Posted: 5:42 AM | Mar 16 2011
  • plz can u guys do them longer than this

    Posted: 5:40 AM | Mar 16 2011
  • wow i like it

    Posted: 10:29 PM | Mar 15 2011
  • Very nice episode but kinda stupid.. the producer was right its not his fault she needs fixing to be on tv! And in the real world she would not be able to get near him to yell at him like that..

    Posted: 7:01 PM | Mar 15 2011
  • 5:07 Perfect, just perfect!

    Posted: 6:02 PM | Mar 15 2011
  • a7la series bl 3alam !

    Posted: 5:59 PM | Mar 15 2011
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