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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Detour Down Memory Lane

Firas is playing hard ball but Badr scarcely bats an eyelid. Lina has a revelation for Suleiman which plunges him into a secret world of memories -- some of them too painful to confront. But it's not long before Firas drags our hero back to reality.

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Uploaded on Mar 21, 2011

  • beautiful sound effects, the music was great. the filming was impeccable! what i really enjoyed though was how realistic the whole picture was it wasn't fake, nor falsely westernized like most lebanese tv shows. its a true honor to watch lebanese directors and actors take such a step forward toward an honest filmmaking era.

    Posted: 10:46 PM | Apr 05 2011
  • gr8 job you guys i couldnt stop watching =)

    Posted: 11:40 AM | Mar 28 2011
  • Beautiful. Thank you for this project. This is brilliant. Beautifully directed, Beautifully filmed, Beautifully written and Beautifully performed. Good luck. And please do not stop producing it. I'm Lebanese and I live abroad since couple of months. and I seriously see Beirut in this project. War or drama, is part of our culture, part of our identity. It's alright if it is brought in such an amazing way through shankaboot. Extremely realistic and perfectly done. three things Lebanon Today should be proud of: 1- Shankaboot - project/episodes (hopefully soon a film) 2- Rsasa Tayche - film 3- Shatti ya dini - film I wish you the best of luck, looking forward for more episodes and more inside shankaboot. Jimmy.

    Posted: 12:53 PM | Mar 26 2011
  • awfully short !! do something about this in the next season !

    Posted: 11:54 PM | Mar 24 2011
  • Deep to the past...amazing emotional one from you

    Posted: 3:50 PM | Mar 24 2011
  • I think that the world is fed up from our war stories...lets show them some humane ones!

    Posted: 3:55 PM | Mar 24 2011
  • whose that GENIUS who came with such a statement "the best way to forget war is not to speak about it"???? this is idiotic...wars aren't to be forgotten, they're to be learned from...we should speak and speak about them...

    Posted: 12:16 AM | Mar 24 2011
  • the best way to forget war is not to speak about it...stay away

    Posted: 11:06 PM | Mar 23 2011
  • ktir 7lweh el 7al2a .. bass verrryyy shorttt & saddd ...

    Posted: 7:52 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • This a real social issue in Lebanon...there are hundreds of missing people, thousands of orphans from the sectarian wars we had since the independence days...Glad to see Shankaboot supporting such issues...maybe you should film next time in demonstration against Sectarianism...this is your place AND WE DEFINITELY NEED YOU THERE

    Posted: 5:37 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • Well done Shankaboot! Obviously this episode is not about war it self, it is a very creative way of looking at the Lebanese society. Suleiman's story is a reminder of the hundreds of Lebanese still searching for their loved ones: Missing Lebanese

    Posted: 5:00 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • :((((( ahhhh Shankaboot

    Posted: 12:24 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • War isn't there but its victims are...probably you are one of them and you do not know it.

    Posted: 12:44 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • I don't get it how did you get Shankaboot linked with war????

    Posted: 12:43 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • War is there in Shankaboot..surprise you did not see it! DIG DEEP

    Posted: 12:09 PM | Mar 22 2011
  • هم و غم...بدنا شي بضحك

    Posted: 11:34 AM | Mar 22 2011
  • sad but sweet...

    Posted: 11:37 AM | Mar 22 2011
  • I totally disagree with you, the last thing we want to see is war, we had enough...don't go into that Shankaboot... enough wars, enough victims...speak about love and sex much better.

    Posted: 10:00 AM | Mar 22 2011
  • So she's not his mother!!??it was mother's day yesterday...poor Suleiman

    Posted: 10:00 AM | Mar 22 2011
  • It's such a lovely episode, it got us back to Suleiman's past! I feel that I know Suleiman now, I can see him from a different perspective!! What's great as well is how you are introducing important topics like war and the way it dictates people's life. I can see it in Lina's character and I always seen it in Suleiman's life. I think its the case of many young Lebanese people, who lost their dear ones and they just had to live with it... well done Shankaboot, we always wanted an alternative that speak about us in a simple way... keep it up

    Posted: 9:00 AM | Mar 22 2011
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