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Counter Strike

Leaving Lina to the cold comforts of her virtual world, Suleiman scoots off to his rendez-vous at the warehouse. Meanwhile, Rommel faces superior firepower and near-impossible odds. But that’s the way he likes it. Can the pint-sized prodigy beat the gangsters at their own game?

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Uploaded on Mar 28, 2011

  • ooow that nice...<3 i like it... tal3a geer shkl

    Posted: 5:06 PM | May 14 2011
  • Thank you for the whole series and for the CStrike Rommel moment. It was simply AMAZING

    Posted: 12:11 PM | Apr 12 2011
  • can't wait till the next one comes up. UFFF

    Posted: 6:56 AM | Apr 04 2011
  • Great work guys.I love the side by side real scene and the game scene. Excellent.What a Romel

    Posted: 7:23 PM | Apr 03 2011
  • i mostly liked in this episode the kid rommel, the look on his face is so hilarious! well done ..keep going ..we want more !!

    Posted: 4:20 PM | Apr 03 2011
  • * we have to make sure that all Lebanese or who ever has good memories in leb, to see shankaboot. it really took me away

    Posted: 7:55 AM | Mar 31 2011
  • we have to make sure that Lebanese who ever has good memories in leb, to see shankaboot.

    Posted: 7:55 AM | Mar 31 2011
  • I love it, and we are really looking forward for endless episodes. best of luck

    Posted: 6:14 AM | Mar 31 2011
  • like i said befoe ROUMEL will play a big role in the shankaboot story :) ... wait next episode :)

    Posted: 5:36 PM | Mar 30 2011
  • how can i watch this episode with an internet connection that takes 350 hours 42 minutes and 29 seconds to buffer a 40.4 MB video?

    Posted: 10:34 PM | Mar 29 2011
  • eh hay 7al2a gher chekel ! :D

    Posted: 6:31 PM | Mar 29 2011
  • Woooow! Love it!! Especially the part where Rommel's escaping and the camera's like Counter Strike the game!! It just comes to show actually how much these games can affect children. Really! I'm sure Rommel's not the only one who's like that and that there are so many other children addicted to that stuff to a point where they mix it with reality! My son sometimes wants to go to the network in the neighborhood - i tell him only once per week he can do it... i don't want him to be like rommel! Well done shankaboot!

    Posted: 6:45 PM | Mar 29 2011
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