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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Fistful of Sandals

Suleiman is hiding Ruwaida in the rooftop flat. But how long can her presence go unnoticed?
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Uploaded on Mar 16, 2010

  • -First of all i was amazed by the work you guys have done. it is very beautiful series and you guys should post it on TV. good job keep it up. -Second of all, i noticed something in this episode. well Ruwaida fixed Sleiman's bed when he left,cleaned his room and left. When Sleiman came back and exactly as he opened the door and got into his room, you can notice at the left that the bed is not fixed. Thats not a big deal, knowing that you guys are doing great, but its much better if you guys concentrate more on details. You may never know, this series might move higher and reach the high standards. and I'm sure about it. keep it up guys, good job Saiid Saliba

    Posted: 2:15 AM | Feb 25 2011
  • bravo...... i like it

    Posted: 10:52 PM | Dec 08 2010
  • great episode!!! the image, the music, the actors! amazing job! bravo!

    Posted: 11:03 AM | May 26 2010
  • give me more give me more give me more!

    Posted: 11:48 AM | May 26 2010
  • fakhame!!

    Posted: 11:32 AM | May 26 2010
  • I love that he threatens her with his Sobbat o howwe 7amil sla7.

    Posted: 11:18 AM | May 26 2010
  • Looks a lot like the hills when your watching it, anyway gr8 job, hope i can see u on tv someday

    Posted: 11:39 AM | May 26 2010
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