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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Down to Earth

Still haunted by memories of Ruwaida, Suleiman's life has become dark and confused and a shocking accident forces him to take stock.
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Uploaded on Mar 23, 2010

  • Excellent work. Awaiting the next season of Shankaboot!

    Posted: 10:29 AM | Jun 04 2010
  • ya3ni 3an jadd 3an jadd w mish moujemaleh, this is the first lebanese / arabic series i have ever enjoyed in my life.. and this is the first series in which i find the script, dialogues and acting realistic... finally! i am proud! kell shi helo, the script, lighting, directing, acting, the characters of suleiman and the girl are extremely endaring la darajeh enno i hope the evil guys who are bothering lovely sulieman die at the end! looool when is shankaboot "the movie"?????? marcel

    Posted: 11:03 AM | May 27 2010
  • oooo! what happens next!?!?!:)

    Posted: 11:50 AM | May 27 2010
  • wats happening? the story is all over the place!!! Coming to think about it, you are cutting down each episode to 4min or so... I'd rather see 10min episodes... still great work :) really enjoy watching it

    Posted: 11:02 AM | May 27 2010
  • nice!!

    Posted: 11:22 AM | May 27 2010
  • ra2e3 . very well done. not like those classic lebanese movies or series. where the actors are acting their acting, in other words their acting is totally unrealistic and appeals mosatana3. great work you guys, simply great.

    Posted: 11:03 AM | May 27 2010
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