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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Return of The Hero

Shankaboot is back to Beirut with his new friends: a place to live, a job to find, and an unfinished business to Face. What they did in the time passed. An animation made for Shankaboot by FDZ & TWSTDTWN

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Uploaded on Oct 07, 2010

  • pretty good (y)

    Posted: 2:21 AM | Feb 10 2011
  • AMAZING! Bon courage!!

    Posted: 4:22 PM | Nov 12 2010
  • Bravo for the great idea and the good work ! I realy like what u do.

    Posted: 9:06 AM | Nov 12 2010
  • I like!! keep it up !! :D Shankabootaddiction

    Posted: 3:58 PM | Oct 26 2010
  • ktir salbe

    Posted: 9:20 PM | Oct 19 2010
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