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Don't Count Your Chicks

Six months after Chadi's murder, Suleiman is back on his delivery rounds but this is no time for our hero to feather his nest: someone has already got their beady eye on him.

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Uploaded on Oct 18, 2010

  • Bad move to kill Chadi

    Posted: 1:44 AM | Jun 07 2011
  • hassan akil my little bro love habibi ,wissam abdallah :)

    Posted: 2:54 AM | Apr 11 2011
  • kteeer 7lwo

    Posted: 2:03 PM | Nov 30 2010
  • i miss libnan soo much & this addicting show helps me keep in touch with my lebanese side:)

    Posted: 10:25 PM | Oct 31 2010
  • hahaha the seesan car accident scene is so fuuny!! "fee da7aya? fee da7aya?"

    Posted: 8:35 PM | Oct 31 2010
  • i don't like chadi to pass away that fast, while watching the episodes Chadi seemed to be a main character, and not meant to disappear quickly, bad point.

    Posted: 7:48 AM | Oct 25 2010
  • kteerrr habbeit bas m2a5ar la 3refet - anw really bi sattel shankaaboot <3

    Posted: 5:00 PM | Oct 21 2010
  • There is whimsical in all the scenes of Yara and Suleiman (or Hassan and Juliana). Is this going to evolve into something like "Paul and Michelle"? (1971).It would be nice if it did.

    Posted: 9:44 AM | Oct 21 2010
  • hasan akil my man

    Posted: 4:58 PM | Oct 19 2010

    Posted: 8:02 PM | Oct 18 2010
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