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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Nail-Biting Decisions

Suleiman's got the bit between his teeth, but Ruwaida's only hanging in there by her nails. Meanwhile, Yara's choosing the right moment to break her shocking news.

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Uploaded on Oct 21, 2010

  • ta7eyet lal mou5reg ameen dora w shankaboot for life dayman dameh wala

    Posted: 10:59 PM | Feb 06 2011
  • I HOPE Yara leaves!! Suleiman should be with Ruwaida!!! Yara took him away from her!

    Posted: 3:15 PM | Nov 02 2010
  • Is Yara leaving for real guys??? that's so heartbreaking if it's true...poor Suleiman.... You are playing so many games with us...but I love the way you always keep us hanging...Thirsty for more!

    Posted: 6:04 PM | Nov 01 2010
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