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Racing Against Time

Just as he seems to be making some headway in the Case of Doulica and Mme Najem, Suleiman gets the phone call he's been dreading. Now Shankaboot's racing against time and the wheels of fate are in overdrive.

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Uploaded on Nov 15, 2010

  • Lina La'eemeh!

    Posted: 4:50 PM | Nov 28 2010
  • great job guys

    Posted: 1:34 PM | Nov 18 2010
  • we want more long eoispdes..10 mins would be somehow fair..go on guys

    Posted: 1:59 PM | Nov 18 2010
  • It's great how you do your shankabooti magic to tell the stories you are telling...Violence against foreign workers is a great topic to target...and now I see that I'm in the airport....another topic to discuss in like 10 mins two episodes! Im not sure how quick you are jumping from one topic to the other? im not sure that pple are ready to deal with that shortness of the episode when they're used to a format of 50 minutes! Im really impressed by the topics...keep it up shankers

    Posted: 7:10 PM | Nov 17 2010
  • أنا معجب بهذا المسلسل الجميل

    Posted: 4:01 PM | Nov 17 2010
  • I WANT MORE! please!

    Posted: 3:26 AM | Nov 17 2010
  • I LOVE suleiman n series is nt bad as well

    Posted: 6:28 PM | Nov 16 2010
  • Suleiman you are the man!!whatever happens with Yara get back to Doulica and take her away from the evil Mme Najem...

    Posted: 2:30 AM | Nov 16 2010
  • why are the episodes so short !

    Posted: 2:56 AM | Nov 16 2010
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