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Gone Tanning for the Summer


The Last Call

Suleiman arrived at the airport, but is he too late this time?

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Uploaded on Nov 22, 2010

  • العجوز... هاذي تحفه

    Posted: 3:39 AM | Dec 13 2010
  • At least he could have given teta a ride back home. Now thats unlebanese!

    Posted: 7:25 PM | Dec 11 2010
  • meen ely 2aal eno banat lebnaan msh 7lween zy el 3asal ahoo :DD

    Posted: 7:05 AM | Nov 28 2010
  • لدينا مشكلة حقيقية في العالم العربي. كلهم يريدون بلادنا أن تزدهر ولكن في الوقت نفسه دائما يشجعونا على الرحيل. كأن الهجرة أفضل!

    Posted: 12:48 AM | Nov 25 2010
  • we waited one week only for that to happen??? give us moreeeeeeeeeee

    Posted: 10:45 PM | Nov 24 2010
  • lucky girl...she gets to kiss him

    Posted: 3:15 PM | Nov 24 2010
  • oui papi cette scene a l,aeroport est tres belle ,emouvante et explique bien la situation d,une grande partie des jeunes libanais,qui se voit oblige a quitter le pays.bien que tous souhaiteraient rester pour construire leur avenir dans un Liban stable souverain et libre..... bisous papi

    Posted: 12:30 AM | Nov 23 2010
  • she is so sweet this girl...

    Posted: 6:01 PM | Nov 22 2010
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