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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Will Doulica Get a Break?

With Yara gone and Ruwaida scratching out a living at the nail salon, Suleiman is freewheeling once again. But he's made a promise to Doulica and Suleiman likes to deliver on his promises.

Uploaded on Nov 28, 2010

  • There is one more season waiting to come out! :)

    Posted: 11:45 AM | Apr 19 2011
  • do somebody knows how many episodes are being produced till now( april 15 2011)?

    Posted: 5:00 PM | Apr 15 2011
  • Hi Shankaboot Team Iam a Jordanian and i have watching you since the 1st eps till now each 4 mints is Amazing realy and i feel that u make us more connected to the actors and to see more great work indeed good luck

    Posted: 3:17 PM | Feb 20 2011
  • Absolutely awesome. THANK YOU for such quality!!! Also: YAY DOULICA! nshallah te2dare tehrbe!

    Posted: 7:40 PM | Dec 02 2010
  • :) My Cousin is a technical guyy xxx

    Posted: 11:21 PM | Nov 30 2010
  • LIKE <3 LIKE <3 LIKE <3 LIKE <3 LIKE <3

    Posted: 5:58 PM | Nov 30 2010
  • i love doulicaaaaaaaaa

    Posted: 2:48 PM | Nov 30 2010
  • well really it's perfect..nothin to say more than amazing in everything..picture,scripit..acting ..actors...editors..everything..gr8 job guys...keep going...lookin forward

    Posted: 11:28 AM | Nov 30 2010
  • more pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :) Thank you!

    Posted: 10:12 PM | Nov 29 2010
  • is there only one episode kel jem3a ? if yesss zeedowoun , sa3bi el natra la hayk bernemij bi3a2ed please and thank you :)

    Posted: 12:37 PM | Nov 29 2010
  • I came across this web series a few hours ago, and i've been watching ever since! I must say it was a surprise and a relief to see this level of quality and creativity come out of Lebanon! it really is too bad not many people actually watch it. If i were to compare, this surpasses anything on lebanese television today!! Really! i would very much like to visit during production. Video is just my passion! please keep it up!!! this is amazing!!

    Posted: 9:11 AM | Nov 29 2010
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