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Gone Tanning for the Summer


A Rock and a Hard Place

Just when Suleiman thought he could have a quiet Sunday, along comes Monika to rock his boat. Can our hero whisk Doulica away to safety before Mme Najem packs her off to the school of hard knocks? It certainly won't be child's play.

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Uploaded on Dec 11, 2010

  • haha. al shakhra restaurant in shimlan is soo good. I can't believe it made it on this show.

    Posted: 10:33 PM | Jan 14 2011
  • am sorry to say that , this is a shame :) !

    Posted: 5:47 AM | Dec 18 2010
  • Shankaboot you really rock.... I can see how this season is different! True it's slower than the last two seasons,and maybe boring for some who only watch things to get hooked on, always waiting to what will happen next; however it has to be said that it's tackling more social issues, and the fine example for that is the Domestic Workers big issue in Lebanon. Shankaboot threw on our screens a sum of subjects some of whats considered "taboo" and other subjects that main media try to ignore, and find uninteresting so they fill the air with some gossip talk shows, reality shows and cheap poor drama. They tell people how to get entertained. What's different in Shankaboot is that its highly entertaining but at the same time is socially responsible in every way. Keep it up! please consider targeting the "plastic surgery" issue, it's fun and highly important especially in Lebanon.

    Posted: 3:33 PM | Dec 17 2010
  • Nice episode !! ah yeah ! "Ente el wa7ch" Hahahah

    Posted: 3:15 AM | Dec 14 2010
  • Does anyone know if this is the last episode of Season 3?

    Posted: 9:16 PM | Dec 13 2010

    Posted: 8:15 PM | Dec 13 2010
  • The title reminds me of a book! 127 hours fans? Nice episode anyway

    Posted: 2:33 PM | Dec 13 2010
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