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Behind the Door

After being a Super-Shankaboot and saving Doulica from her misery, Suleiman's adventures don't finish especially when Lina is on the other end.

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Uploaded on Dec 18, 2010

  • Episode 34 will be delivered on February 8! :D

    Posted: 11:45 AM | Jan 31 2011
  • Still waiting come on ! Episode 34 does it exists ?

    Posted: 9:50 AM | Jan 30 2011
  • love itttttt

    Posted: 5:25 AM | Jan 30 2011
  • we stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll waitingggggggggggggggggggggg episode 34 wou a..................................

    Posted: 10:44 PM | Jan 27 2011
  • Nice

    Posted: 5:25 AM | Jan 11 2011
  • Nothing's happening in the new episodes... please make it more action-full as the previous ones! thanks, great job!

    Posted: 1:01 AM | Jan 08 2011
  • Finding his mother photo in Lina house .....It is now mexican drama and you can call it Shankahita....

    Posted: 12:51 PM | Jan 07 2011
  • please i need you to send me an email when the new episodes is there !! plzzzzzzzzz its great to watch such... i dont know wat to call it but its great !! and btw am really waiting for the new season !! send me an email Plzzzzz

    Posted: 2:11 AM | Dec 23 2010
  • the old episodes were much important and with lots of events i enjoyed old episodes more ! i don't see anything happening too much maybe because i started to watch the episodes late and all together ...... but for me the last 3 or 4 episodes have no sense. !!

    Posted: 5:25 AM | Dec 22 2010
  • sweet! waiting impatiently for the coming season!

    Posted: 2:55 PM | Dec 21 2010
  • this is a big hook.......shankaboot

    Posted: 12:57 AM | Dec 21 2010
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