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The Party

The last temptations of Chadi.
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Uploaded on Jun 22, 2010

  • Great job! what's the song in the party ? i would really like to know

    Posted: 3:44 AM | Jun 24 2011
  • Very nice series and i love the lebanese slang, but you are very slow.(for 3or4 min) episode its more than a week wait)

    Posted: 8:50 AM | Mar 27 2011
  • Haha, the people saying that The series is showing a bad picture by showing drugs and other "shameful things" are hilarious. Movie industry is not about showing people a good or bad image, its about showing the real image. This is the real image of Lebanon, many people do drugs, Im not sayin its a good or bad thing, Im sayin that a lot of people do it, and a lot of people dont as well. Some drink some smoke, some take pills, and some do sports. Some sing, some act, some steal, some kill, some pray, and some fast, and surely some do all of the above in order lose the tension most of us were born within. In general the Lebanese society is a pressured society all the time and this series shows us how the people deal with it. So art would deeply appreciate it if these people not liking this fact about the series think rationally with all respect. Do you or do you want your children to really watch a series that lies to you and them by bending the truth and faking reality? Or you want them and yourselves to watch a series that resembles the truth, so that You and your children are given a better and clearer chance to Change whatever you might consider "shameful" or "wrong" and turn ...

    Posted: 4:07 AM | Oct 17 2010
  • Great work.. To other commentators: this is not a documentary, it is only trying to initiate debate about social issues. Using (false) stereotypes is just one way of doing that..

    Posted: 3:51 PM | Oct 16 2010
  • I don't blame you my dear,I blame your parents for a very very very bad upbringing! If you think being a hero and wanting to change all things in the world is good, you wait and see, you will change your mind some day! Poor you..

    Posted: 3:35 AM | Sep 01 2010
  • No one is leading people in the wrong direction but you people coming from the middle ages!all what you do is pulling us young arab generation to your time.I tell you what you do your prayers in your own time and leave us alone!lets drink lets take drugs and lets learn from our own rest and take it easy.

    Posted: 2:18 AM | Aug 24 2010
  • I honestly don't understand how this people in this show can chose to show such thing like drugs and alcohol and all the things that are banned in religions. Is this showing a correct picture? There is no more credibility in these shows. Where is religion? Family? Love? Faith? All this virtues are now dead for people? To me this is very wrong, You want to show drugs and alcohol you show it being used by the people who follow the devil not Allah and his Prophets (pbuh). This is not right at all. You are sending the wrong message to the people and leading them astray.

    Posted: 1:37 PM | Aug 13 2010
  • sanfour say hey for all ( nice shankaboot ) but ana b2oul ken lezem ana koun batal al mosalsa bas no prblem hal mara yala w salem 5ass la 5aye ( miras w 5aye basem) w bas bye mwa ( oki

    Posted: 11:37 AM | Aug 12 2010
  • It is probably true that lebanese people take drugs and whatever but it is very wrong to show these things in shows. We should stop these disgusting things & not encourage young children to use them! In the series the people with drugs are very happy! The target of Shankaboot is young people & teen agers! What are you doing to our kids? Our grand children? What image are u giving them of happiness? And YES we HAVE to show the BEST things about Lebanon and not the worse! We want a good image of our country . we are fighting to become a developed country and not a corrupt third world country as we see in the show! this is too much .

    Posted: 8:33 PM | Aug 08 2010
  • sorry but i think shankaboot is showing us everything about lebanon! the best and the worst of the community! which is of luck ppl! as for bekaa i agree not all the Bekaay are taking drugs! but maybe its a symbol or smth! so we shouldnt take it personnal...drugs are evrywhere beirut..bekaa..mount lebanon...every where.. again gr8 job!

    Posted: 3:38 PM | Jul 08 2010
  • I don't think by having drugs in the musalsal, you're doing youth generations any good on the first place! we have enough coming from the western media...enough is enough.

    Posted: 2:44 PM | Jul 02 2010
  • I would like to attack another stereotype that is being produced in the series, and that i didnt know about until very recently... Please understand not all Bekaay youth or people have drugs or use it! I am bekaay we live very natural lives acutally... and the way we see it, people in beirut take drugs at a larger rate than in bekaa. Ever since i got to beirut a few months ago, everyone who sees me and know am from bekaa automatically high-fives and asks me about drugs. For god's sake!! Really people!! So please Shankaboot people don't accentuate on this stereotype because its not true. Please!!

    Posted: 1:32 AM | Jul 02 2010
  • Finally there is a drama in the Arabic world that deals with big and important issues. Domestic Violence. Something that we do not really speak about even in our daily life/you know why? because we are busy, busy watching world cup, and then going around with cars honking, and going Crazy on Fireworks so they may see it in Germany or maybe in Argentina. Shankaboot managed to touch on so many issues so far, It's great to see this in a Drama! Hope you stay dealing with such issues. Best of Luck.

    Posted: 7:41 PM | Jun 27 2010
  • what a great work i love it :D when is next episode ??

    Posted: 10:34 PM | Jun 26 2010
  • amazing ep's i love dem all cant wait to see whats next ..!

    Posted: 3:06 PM | Jun 25 2010
  • awesome work

    Posted: 9:35 AM | Jun 25 2010
  • amazing work

    Posted: 9:14 AM | Jun 25 2010
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