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Rabih thinks if he gets rid of Suleiman, Ruwaida will be all his!
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Uploaded on Jun 24, 2010

  • I just recently started watching this and i'm loving it! This is a great episode I love the various issues it touches on!

    Posted: 7:03 PM | Apr 22 2011
  • Oh my god this episode is too good. Great job!

    Posted: 1:17 AM | Dec 05 2010
  • Falling in love may complicate things! it is not an issue of religion, and marriage does the rest :-) No frankly, it is a problem for some, those who are not ready for it, like any thing else... i mean inter-religious marriages, and guess what, if you are someone who do not belong or identify with your mark-up, born with religious branding, then it won't make a difference. But If you are after raising your children within a certain religious framework, and it is your right to do so, then it is a matter of great importance and it will lead to problems if you marry someone from a different religion or even sect. Maybe I caught up with this shankaboot thing late, just yesterday but I love it and thing it is getting the hot issue back on the table...congratualtions to team and viewers/participants. Thx for showing us some normal people, the diverse combo of our peoples, the high and low, so to say and thx for shedding some light on the disastrous situation of migrant workers, they need all the help we can offer, and that is more awarness and publicity. Waiting for a new episode. what about going fishing ? I love it!

    Posted: 4:57 PM | Nov 24 2010
  • 2a7la 3alam el teta!

    Posted: 12:58 AM | Oct 20 2010
  • yes you can download the ringtone from the main page. I just did! love it.

    Posted: 4:58 PM | Jul 13 2010
  • yara is brilliant! very talented actress !!

    Posted: 11:40 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • is it possible to get the same ringtone of sleiman's mobile??????????????

    Posted: 3:40 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • u r doing an ammmmmazing piece of art guys !! keep it up

    Posted: 2:59 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • nice episode no comment i like the old lady :p hehhe

    Posted: 1:51 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • amazing episode it make me more interested and i like the old lady:P hehe

    Posted: 1:31 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • One of the best episodes!!

    Posted: 12:18 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • I dont think Sulieman is aware of all that is going on in the party. He's just happy to be part of something new....besides I think everyone should experience such things and so they can judje whether they want to be part of it...

    Posted: 7:52 PM | Jun 30 2010
  • i really don't understand how come you're all stopping at whether Suleiman is Muslim Christian or Buddi, and no one has mentioned anything about the amount of drugs taken in this mousalsal... how old are these kids?? and how could Suleiman take Rouweida and Yara to such parties...

    Posted: 5:43 PM | Jun 30 2010
  • Also, thank you for dealing with class distinctions and the whole Lebanese discrimination of rural versus urban. This is something that goes unnnoticed, and I'm glad someone finally picked up on it! Yara walking in with the ghandour cookies and ra7a and those bullies' reaction was the most poignant scene of the season. More teta, and more Yara! She's brilliant. And gorgeous.

    Posted: 8:00 AM | Jun 30 2010
  • Well i think this episode is amazing cause it shows that shankaboot is for everyone that believes religions should not stop people from doing anything...Great Job :)

    Posted: 6:43 PM | Jun 29 2010
  • The best moment of this episode is when the old lady ask Suleiman if he is muslim or cristian and he says he's shankabooti.That's exactly what this novel means : a powerful tool to amend broken bridges.

    Posted: 3:19 AM | Jun 29 2010
  • I'm brazilian and my parents were born in Egypt.I hope shankaboot will make people all over the world closer, at least those who love midlle east people and their culture.

    Posted: 3:00 AM | Jun 29 2010
  • we need Education, not sectarianism

    Posted: 12:32 AM | Jun 29 2010
  • I wonder how come all of you are talking about religion and sects and no one is saying anything about all the drug abuse in this mousalsal.. how old are all these kids?? and why is Suleiman dragging these girls, Rouweida and now Yara to this shameful party??

    Posted: 11:49 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • people in the Arab world simply ask 3 main question, it's sad but trust me it's not just in Lebanon.. 1. inti bint meen - family name..bla bla like what difference does it make if i'm bint flan or 3ilan..inno i'm my own person la2? 2. are u married/single/divorced.. why did u want to propose? i'm flattered but i'm own person i'm not defined by another person or a second half..i'm whole. 3. what's ur religion..aaaa bala deen? a7san aslan.. because landlords need to know their tenants i would understand, but i remember getting in a cab when i was like 18- and for 20 mins had him guess my religion. Muslim? no. Christian? no? YOU'RE A JEWWWWW? umm no and plz don't get into an accident!! then he went quiet..shi3a? isn't that Muslim & didn't i say no already. got out of that cab - the cabbie still doesn't know till this day - heh.. we Arabs are nosy..we're extremely hospitable & neighborly but we're EFFIN u learn to live with it, educate urself & one day ur kids. enjoy shankaboot with all it's understatements, analogies & satire. :-] thx -B xx

    Posted: 7:44 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • yes its a very uncomfotable question. I hate it personally. I usually say Im nothing and they are never staisfied with that...I remember one day at university one guy was speaking negatively about Muslims to me (not knowing i was one). I didnt say anything, I was curious about his opinions. And then when he found out later I was one, he came to apologise. I found that insulting. I mean you would say it to non-Muslims so why dont you just say it. The same goes for Muslims,...they generalise and stereotype but its all good and friendly when in the same room as Christians. I dont know if we will ever rid ourselves from this. Lebanon was set up as sectarian from its very begining. Every sect is scared that its existance will cease....

    Posted: 6:51 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • Im Glad that Shankaboot is only becoming crispier with the topics and themes its Tackling! Sectarianism is a big issue in Lebanon and its true that people have to admit it and try to act against in daily life, They can easily start by avoiding asking these questions... you were right to leave, but you could have stood to your beliefs and confront the landlord?

    Posted: 3:09 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • Me neither I dont think that the Old woman meant it that way. But still, I went to rent a place not long ago, and the first thing the landlord asked was: whats your name? I answered then what's your Surname? I answered. I knew he wanted to know what I am, but I didn't tell him and then straight away he asked me, ARE YOU A MUSLIM ??? I didn't know what to answer...I said "THANK YOU i didn't like the flat"...This is absolutely wrong!no one has the right to ask this question No? In Lebanon Sectarianism is over the top...and we have to admit it...

    Posted: 2:58 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • This is Lebanon. Sectarianism

    Posted: 1:58 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • hmm Im not sure, i dont think teta meant anything by her question. It does complicate things when people fall in love with people from other religions so she was just looking out for her grandaughter. I dont mind people asking me what my religion is actually. It says a lot about who iam and my background...

    Posted: 1:00 PM | Jun 28 2010
  • I loved when the Shankaboot said I'm Shankabooti! We had enough of people asking about Religion! Great Episode people!

    Posted: 9:24 AM | Jun 28 2010
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