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Shankaboot left the party but did not miss out on anything.
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Uploaded on Jun 29, 2010

  • good

    Posted: 2:10 AM | Jul 05 2010
  • This is the best thing Lebanese cinema has ever made! Please continue! The characters, music, EVERYTHING is amazing!

    Posted: 10:55 PM | Jul 03 2010
  • i think the script and even editing greatly improved in episodes 15, 16, and 17. I had big issues with episodes 13 and 14

    Posted: 2:49 PM | Jul 03 2010
  • Yara is so wonderful. She toke my breath away the moment she appeared on the show. I just adore her existence. Pleas keep her!

    Posted: 8:24 PM | Jul 02 2010
  • well, my dear friend the hierarchisme in our society is based on the wealth of people. so when you said that :"some people work hard to get to the stage where they should be respected!" you admit that they should be respected for their work! and in their turn they should respect other hard working people who works more and earns less. and the real hierarchy (respect) should be related to the amount of good and useful work. don't you think so?

    Posted: 6:11 PM | Jul 02 2010
  • Yara's face is beautiful and mesmerizing. She's like a breath of fresh air. The scenes of suleiman and yara are like coming up for air in an atmosphere of suffocation. This is evolving so nicely. Excellent work in all aspects.

    Posted: 11:00 AM | Jul 02 2010
  • what's wrong with being "tabaki"is that being rich does not mean being superior. Everyone who works hard should be respected regardless of his financial status.People in the bekaa (farmers, etc...) work hard too and should be equally respected. You might work hard all your life without being able to improve your financial situation or your social status. I think shankaboot is tackling this social issue in a subtle and beautiful way.

    Posted: 11:26 AM | Jul 02 2010
  • and whats wrong with "tabaki"? some people work hard to get to the stage where they should be respected!

    Posted: 4:30 PM | Jul 01 2010
  • Absolutely the themes Shankaboot putting on the table. Domestic Violence, Sexism, name it and all in episodes of less than 6 minutes. work of a genius indeed!

    Posted: 1:15 PM | Jul 01 2010
  • REALLY REALLY REALLY... wbala moujemale wala ta2 hanak... w bi kel sara7a w mawda3iye... W talab wtarajje kamen.PLEASE, if you please... 3melo Film Cinema.or aktar 3melo aflem or mousalsal welhal2a chi 10 hours cz ma 3am bezha2 men el episodes w ktiiir helwin kelloun... This is a new level of lebanese production and acting and everything.... you are geniuses.. PLEASE DO A MOVIE cz el 5 min taba3 every episode mech 3am bi 2ado... This is the best thing i ever watched in arabic... it's on international level...And you found the right way to use the "3ame language" bala ma tbayin t2ile or meze3je...w really ba3ed ma chefet hek film we2i3e hal2ad... keep on going... the same way ma tzidouwa wala tna2so menna... YOU ARE GREAT...all of you... Yalla good luck...

    Posted: 10:58 AM | Jul 01 2010
  • nice one.

    Posted: 10:35 AM | Jul 01 2010
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