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Gone Tanning for the Summer


One Benefit of a Morning Swim

Would Chadi stand again?
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Uploaded on Jun 29, 2010

  • i am so sorry about this comment but somebody use my email adress to make it, i am sorry from all the girls

    Posted: 2:17 PM | Jul 07 2010
  • what does the brother below mean by woman who are limited!!!??

    Posted: 2:12 PM | Jul 07 2010
  • When Slaiman threw chadi into the pool i was thinking that he will drown but surprisingly he didn't as the same what they said he took a lot of drugs and i guess he burly can be alive , but all in all the video the idea of shankaboot is perfect better than the T.V cause i rarely to view it :D am waiting to know more about his father as like he will pass away or not . MOE HMOUD JOR.

    Posted: 2:37 AM | Jul 07 2010
  • Chadi could die for the amount of drugs he took.. i am surprised he managed to get out of that pool.. not funny!

    Posted: 10:53 PM | Jul 06 2010
  • I'm really curious about how Chadi will handle his dying father who was so cruel to his mom and to him.I suppose Maya is his sister, isn't she?.

    Posted: 5:06 AM | Jul 06 2010

    Posted: 12:41 AM | Jul 06 2010
  • it is a nice episode from here u can see how the women are(limited)

    Posted: 8:10 PM | Jul 05 2010
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