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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Chadi Rebooted

Chadi goes to confront his past and his Father.
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Uploaded on Jul 06, 2010

  • Aahh oh my gosh! MY name is Maya Nasr!! :O

    Posted: 6:28 AM | Dec 12 2010
  • Episode 19 was great.The Issues treated are becoming more serious and the acting is still very realistic. Unfortunately many people are dealing with this kind of problems in our societies. If we keep them taboo they will grow stronger. Thanks shankaboot for pointing out the problems that anyone we know could face. I h...ope that you are going to treat the solutions too...great job! Nadine H.

    Posted: 11:57 AM | Jul 09 2010
  • Maya ROCKS!

    Posted: 9:23 AM | Jul 09 2010
  • boeu travai manu ,continu ne te dispersss pas

    Posted: 7:20 PM | Jul 08 2010
  • miss you sow matsh manu!!!!

    Posted: 7:28 PM | Jul 08 2010
  • hon byeji il suspense :) great job everyone its beautiful

    Posted: 11:52 AM | Jul 08 2010
  • N!CE bs lazm tnzl el7l2a eljay bsor3a 3shan ndl mtwasleen m3a ,, shankaboot ;)

    Posted: 10:58 AM | Jul 08 2010
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