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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Directed by Wissam Al Saliby, this video was produced as part of the Shankactive video workshop organized by Batoota Films and was filmed with Nokia N8 mobile device.

We are a disgrace when it comes to human rights, we don't know the difference between a maid and a slave, maids should have and its a must, rights like any job

5:35 PM | May 02 2011

amazing work...really haida l7a2i2a b mojtama3na l ktr classsssssssssssssss b lebnan :P:P...i like the idea

3:11 PM | Feb 14 2011

HAHA That's so true!! I love the idea. You guys are brillant and all of you are awesome "shankactives" :D Thank you for being so true and meaningful.
You fan, Fatima
Montréal, Qc, Canada

10:02 AM | Jan 04 2011

This is a brilliant piece of work! Inverting the roles is a smart approach to make these Lebanassholes realize the harm of domestic abuse. A standing ovation to the director!

10:18 PM | Dec 01 2010

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