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Gone Tanning for the Summer


Written By: Fahrass

Produced By: Edd from Fareeq al Atrach

Video Editing: Fahrass

My music @:

loves it!

3:37 PM | Jan 18 2011

i loooove it (: that is one good job, and the video just fits the song perfectly !! i think this should win

2:22 AM | Jan 14 2011

same here, i started watching the shankaboot after hearing shankab, when i heard it i was curious to know more about the series, and you gained one more follower/fan

2:18 AM | Jan 14 2011

this song made me watch shankaboot...nice work fahrass i think u will be the winner...mabrouk salaf..!!

2:47 PM | Jan 11 2011

Fahras Should Definetly WIN !! He's Awesome !

6:39 PM | Jan 07 2011

after hearing this song ,
i definitely think fahrass should win , he took lebanese rapp to the next level with the last tracks , so he deserves to win !

6:00 PM | Jan 07 2011

fahras should win

6:17 PM | Jan 07 2011

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