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Shankaboot Trailer

Shankaboot - The first Arabic web series from the streets and rooftops of Beirut

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2010

  • very interesting..nice

    Posted: 11:52 AM | Jul 23 2011
  • love them:-)

    Posted: 12:00 AM | Jul 23 2011
  • you guys are amazing :) I would love to join you. good Luckk

    Posted: 3:00 PM | May 08 2011
  • Amazing ! Very smooth work. Not just one of those superficial "we've-done-something" type of short feature : there's a real valid plot and a good execution. If you allow me, I only think we should hear more about you... And mabrouk for the Emmy ! Wassef Ezzedine

    Posted: 6:43 PM | Apr 28 2011
  • niiiccceeeeeeeee

    Posted: 8:04 PM | Apr 26 2011
  • Respect guys... best Lebanese product ever bravo.......

    Posted: 2:07 AM | Apr 24 2011
  • Love what you've done, brilliant. If you ever need a Jordanian to Shankaboot , i'm ready :) Rania

    Posted: 3:57 PM | Apr 19 2011
  • congratulations guys wish u all the best keep on all our support with u from kuwait and every where... RAMI AL-TIMANY KUWAIT

    Posted: 10:01 AM | Apr 07 2011
  • Congratulations to Toni and his colleagues for the Emmy! Vicky and Justin

    Posted: 1:17 AM | Apr 05 2011
  • Its daily moments. Amazing work keep it up .

    Posted: 9:55 PM | Mar 14 2011
  • chapeau bas.

    Posted: 4:33 AM | Mar 14 2011
  • Mahdoomeen Keep it going !

    Posted: 7:11 AM | Mar 12 2011
  • do some advertising on the facebook .. this is only an advice, bass you have to move on in marketing your product,and we lebanese are proud of you!

    Posted: 6:03 PM | Mar 01 2011
  • Love your work... and the new idea of broadcasting idea on YouTube William MATAR

    Posted: 6:09 PM | Feb 14 2011
  • you guys really Rock and i really love your show, any way , your website has a bug (problem) concerning the POLLS : the Polls in the arabic mode has different result than these in the english mode. this is just a feed back , coz am a .NET Developer.

    Posted: 7:48 PM | Feb 12 2011
  • I'm glad it worked for you. And the English subtitles came through? Weird. I tried it again (with RP14, latest version) downloading it via the top right option, etc. The English subtitles were turned on and there in front of me. When I played my downloaded subtitles. I tried it on my daughters MAC. Same deal. Weird, eh?

    Posted: 12:37 AM | Feb 02 2011
  • Tom .. although I can't see how can that be a good tutoring material; but any way! I tried downloading it with realplayer buttom that appears on the upper right side of the video display window which saves it in FLV format and all went great..Realplayer 14 "latest version". Good work, it is just great .. and I like the quality of shooting

    Posted: 5:47 AM | Jan 29 2011
  • I really love it. It is amazing!! With my husband, we have watched all the episodes in one shot!!! And we are waiting for the 8th of February to see the coming episode :) Keep going with this energy!! Love Beirut!

    Posted: 12:31 AM | Jan 26 2011
  • Love it! Thanks. I teach Arabic and could really benefit from these, BUT a) I can't stream in my classroom so I have to download the episodes, and b) when I download (regardless of the format) I lose the English subtitles. Help? Tom

    Posted: 5:00 AM | Jan 21 2011
  • This is the great Lebanese talent! It's enormous popularity..It shows the real dress of Beirut and its daily moments. Amazing work keep it up. Sary-Germany

    Posted: 1:21 AM | Dec 29 2010
  • thanks

    Posted: 6:11 PM | Dec 19 2010
  • Bandaly family , do you love me ? do you do you ?

    Posted: 9:15 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • Do you love me, do you do you ♫ I want this track sooooo bad.. please help!

    Posted: 2:06 PM | Dec 10 2010
  • elieve it or not, it's the first time for me to check shankaboot's web page although i heard from my friends that it's a great web drama. I just watched omr

    Posted: 11:47 AM | Dec 04 2010
  • the Best Drama i have ever seen

    Posted: 1:48 AM | Dec 04 2010
  • like :D

    Posted: 10:10 PM | Dec 02 2010
  • hi amine kifak im charles malo i love shankaboot great job by the way ktir bichabhouneh la sleiman

    Posted: 2:35 PM | Nov 17 2010
  • What a bunch of geniuses you are - Long Live Shankaboot

    Posted: 5:30 AM | Nov 13 2010
  • I love it it's just so simple and honest.

    Posted: 10:59 PM | Nov 02 2010
  • very beautiful, imprsing, promesing . makes me proud of these young actors alshankabouteeeeeeeeeeeeeieeen

    Posted: 2:50 PM | Nov 02 2010
  • chapeau!

    Posted: 10:05 PM | Nov 01 2010
  • it's perfect it's great i love it

    Posted: 12:56 AM | Oct 29 2010
  • i love it this is our lebanon street

    Posted: 2:24 PM | Oct 26 2010
  • BRAVO! Make it good. Make it happen :)

    Posted: 12:47 PM | Oct 24 2010
  • they told me about it is nice didnt believe, it is perfect.

    Posted: 5:04 AM | Oct 22 2010
  • believe it or not, it's the first time for me to check shankaboot's web page although i heard from my friends that it's a great web drama. I just watched the trailer and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE it: great picture, great acting, great cinematography language, very good work.... i salute the director and producer and all the Shankabouty team! I'm a fresh graduate of radio tv from AUST, and I hope to participate in any way in Shankaboot(in front or behind the camera) since i have acting experiences too... Anyways i just wana wish you good luck, and keep up the good work1 PEACE xx Raya

    Posted: 5:31 PM | Oct 17 2010
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